The Coca-Cola Rock-Ola Jukebox

Although I thought I was chasing a mythical creature for many years, I finally found physical proof of this jukebox in the summer of 2002. The AACO/Rock-Ola company quit making these around 1994. Although the details are sketchy, some say the Coca-Cola Company pulled the license and some say that was when the license from Coke expired.

In May of 2003, someone viewed this very page and saw that I was looking for this collectible. They gave me a phone number of a restorer and I called him that week.
According to the gentleman on the phone, the Jukebox you see above was originally in a bowling alley in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. The owner loaded it in the back of a pick-up and it fell on it’s face. This jukebox was exchanged for another one, and I was told it would take a couple of months to restore. On August 28 2003, I brought it home from the shipping depot and unwrapped a refrigerator sized box to reveal this beautiful unit.

UPDATE! The Peps!-cola corporation had their ad agency contact me to try and obtain this Jukebox -as well as my Coca-Cola contour bottle cooler- for a TV ad they were filming on the East Coast. Once I found out what this was for, their continued calls went unanswered.

 Restoration completed by: The Classic Jukebox Works of Wilsonville, OR (Business permanently closed)

Weight: Approximately 300  lbs

Original price: Approximately $6995

Capacity: 100 CDs or 100 45 RPM singles

Additional details (from brochures):
“Special product for Coca Cola”
This classic design was first made for the original Coca-Cola Company. The top crown, shoulders, pilaster supports, and even the base are carved out of hardwoods, walnut and alder. The front is finished in satinwood and burled elm.
Handcrafted quality cabinets
Hand stained and hand finished
Available in walnut and medium oak
No particle board or formica is used
All die cast metal trim (19) pieces
Triple plated: Copper, Nickel, Polished Chrome
Solid walnut pilaster supports
Rowe record changer and electronics
Other Features
Motor driven color cylinder
Central computer controls all phonograph functions and stores audit information
Modular construction of all components for easy service
High powered speaker system designed to handle additional speakers
Continuous play mode for either “A” or “B” or both sides (45 RPM)
“Coin operated” or “Free play”
$1.00 and $5.00 bill acceptor optional
Made in U.S.A.

The serial number and stamp on the back of my Jukebox
Note to collectors: If you purchase one of these, make sure the hardwood above the serial number plate is stamped with the same digits as the plaque. This helps to ensure that your case is probably the original, not a refurbished version of a different Jukebox.
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