Throughout the years, I’ve

Coca Cola

My Coca~Cola collection has spanned decades and friendships. I have picked up collectables from antique dealers, online auctions, The World of Coca Cola (in both Las Vegas and Atlanta) and the now defunct Coca Cola 5th Avenue (New York). Many of my friends and family have helped build my collection by bringing me Coca Cola items from around the world. In addition, I’m an investor in The Coca~Cola Company (KO), Coca~Cola Enterprises (CCE) and the Coca~Cola Bottling Co (COKE) and have original stock certificates from the companies.

C-72 Coke Machine – My pride and joy
Coca-Cola Rockola Jukebox – A wild ride brought this wonderful collectable to my hands!
Vendo Coin Changer Machine – A mechanical unit that changes dimes and quarters into nickels.
Coca-Cola Ford Model T Delivery Truck Replica – Is it a childhood dream come true or a real collectible? You decide!

Home tour of the guest “Coke” bathroom – Check out the pictures of our guest bathroom.

Home tour of “The Coke Room” – my second-floor man cave.

Coca Cola Can Collection – A graphical display of my can collection

Coca Cola Bottle Collection – A list of my bottle collection and a photo of my most prized bottles

Coke Donor List – A special “Thank You” to people who donated items to my collection.

James Bond

While this section began as a single page in 1997, it has now grown to include many subsections for the various acquisitions I have made over the last few years. Like my Coca-cola collection, I am absolutely passionate about the super spy James Bond. Please browse my collection via the links below.

Actual Props – Real props used in the bond movies and acquired from reputable dealers and collectors.

Autographs & Photo Ops – My list of autographs by and pictures with various Bond actors and actresses.

Replicas – Reproductions of props created and designed by master craftsmen.

The GoldenEye Pinball Machine – The pride and joy of my Bond collection. Now with real-time high score display!

The 007 Slot Machine – A Japanese pachinko machine with a major payout when you get 0-0-7! Now with real-time quarter load count!

Other Collectables – Miscellaneous odds and ends which have made their way into my collection. -This page is currently being updated.

Need a drink? Enjoy the classic recipe for the Vesper Martini drawn straight from Casino Royale!

Movies & Games

I have always been an avid fan of the movies. In fact, I still have my original movie tickets to many of the movies I would “camp out overnight” to purchase tickets for! Nowadays, kids just don’t know how easy they have it, being able to buy movie tickets online.

My Entire Movie Collection

My collection, by genre:

DarkDan’s Recommendations, by genre

The above list is designed to be “quirky” movies that you probably haven’t seen. If you’re really sheltered and you’re seeking something a little more mainstream, I’ll post those below.

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