The Torn Card Illusion

This is a wonderful trick I am proudly performing, from the brilliant mind of Lloyd Barnes, one of my favorite magic content creators. I joined his “Society of Secrets” and was desperately trying to locate one of the illusions he created called “Iris,” which he later revealed to the Society of Secrets members!

I helped design a magic deck

In 2022, I worked on a team that developed a unique set of playing cards and matching “gaff” cards used to perform illusions, including the “Masonic Light” trick shown at the :55 mark on the video to the left and a great trick for beginners called “Three Regular Steps.” My final trick, “A Master’s Wages,” was performed at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California and befuddled the professional magicians that observed it!

I have always loved magic…

As a child, I created “The Sorcery Twins,” with my best friend so that we could earn money performing magic tricks at parties and events. As an adult, I am a member of the Invisible Lodge International, an Affinity Lodge for Freemasons interested in the magic realm.

Harvey Award Recipient – 2018

In 2018, I was honored to receive the Harvey Award for
“Exemplary Service to the
Honorary Association of Masonic Magicians
at Work Under the Jurisdiction of the Known and Unknown World”

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