Miscellaneous Odds and Ends…

TWINE Press Kit 
NOT for sale!

While not exactly a book, this is one of my favorites. While working as an editor at a magazine, the only time I abused my powers was to obtain this press kit from MGM. Complete with 11 color slides, production notes, a screen history of Q’s gadgetry,full credits, cast biographies as well as thorough lists of every Bond book, short story, film, villain, accomplice, and Bond girl.

The Book of Bond
NOT for sale!

This is a 1965  first edition of “The Book of Bond (or every man his own 007)”. Notably, it is also the European edition, distinguished by the reversible book jacket (disguising it as a bible) for “use in the field.” This book is in near mint condition and was acquired from a London bookseller. 
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