The Vendo Coin Changer Machine

This is the Vendo Coin Changer, a unit that changes quarters and dimes into the equivalent number of nickels.
The mechanical change system (NOTE: the unit does not use any power!) is fully functional. Using 3M chrome, plastic and paint polish plus lots of rubbing compound, I have restored this unit to it’s original splendor.
Size: 15 1/2″ high, 11 1/2″ wide, 5″ deep
Weight: 21.4 lbs (empty)
Suggested capacity: 400 nickels ($20.00)


The original paper inserts included with my machine.

My machine also shipped with two different paper inserts for the machine. The color “Have a Coke” sign is the most frequently used insert (and, of course, the one I display), but even more interesting is the black & white “Get your nickels here” place card. I have never seen this before on any machines and was excited to find this tucked behind the color display card.

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